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EPS and EPP packaging

EPS and EPP packaging made of expanded polypropylene for packaging

EPS and EPP packaging is extremely widespread and very practical in packaging various products such as appliances, electrical products, metal products, agricultural products, construction products, furniture industry, glass industry, and products from many other industries where it is necessary to provide protection against impact while not increasing the weight of the package itself and meeting all environmental standards. The advantages of EPS and EPP packaging are that it is environmentally friendly, recyclable, does not increase the weight of the packaged item, provides protection against mechanical impact, is easy to add to the product, and increases the manipulative functionality of the packaged product.

We work together with our clients to develop packaging solutions by exploring forms and designs, as well as the dimensions of the packaging itself, to increase the customer’s efficiency and productivity. We also experimentally perform crash tests and manipulation of the packaged product. Our goal is to provide the best solutions to exceed the customer’s expectations. The use of EPS packaging can be applied in various industries such as food, agriculture, automotive, metal, manufacturing, military, wood, etc. Additionally, EPS and EPP products frequently serve as functional parts or as an addition to functional parts, such as in the automotive industry, panel production, as well as containers and seedlings in fishing and agriculture.

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EPS packaging

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