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Terrasit is the company that produces products made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and expanded polypropylene (EPP) for construction, industry, and packaging. Our products include thermal insulation made of EPS, floor heating panels, products for industry, and packaging made of EPS and EPP. Our products are aimed at target groups such as department stores, system buyers, construction companies (roofers, facades, floor layers), industry, and packaging made of EPS and EPP. Our market. covers Europe, Southeast Europe, and Central Europe.

Understanding the business context and expectations of our partners and customers, we strive to strengthen personal, professional, and expert approach to all our business partners and customers. We aim to promptly understand and process their requests to meet and exceed their expectations. Therefore, we have implemented QMS and incorporated it into our processes. We process and manage all risks and opportunities related to product compliance and fulfilment and enhance customer and other stakeholders’ satisfaction.

We are proud to continue a successful story that started in 2000. With the development of new programs and technologies, we have built successful brand in the field of building products, industry, and packaging – such as thermal insulation, industrial products, underfloor heating, and packaging.

The company successfully cooperates with domestic and foreign strategic customers with whom we have built a long-term partnership over the years based on ensuring comprehensive supply and continuous monitoring of their needs. We jointly develop integrated solutions in the fields of construction, industry, and packaging. We have our own vehicle fleet with which we can timely “just in time” respond to our partners and customers throughout Europe.

ISO 9001:2018

We strive to bring our name closer to our customers with enthusiasm and pride, while ensuring consistent quality in accordance with all applicable regulations, providing technical advice, a wide and deep range of products, and flexible and secure logistics.

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