XPS 300 NI

XPS 300 NI are extruded polystyrene panels, with a rough surface (“wafer”) and flat edges they are installed by standard gluing or with poured concrete.

XPS 300 NI panels are used for:
• insulation of foundation footings
• roof overhangs on pitched roofs
• prevention of thermal bridges

plate size (mm):1250×600
net area (m2):0,75
thickness (mm):203040506080100120140
thermal conductivity (W/m.K.):0,0330,0340,0360,037
thermal resistance (m2.K/W):0,600,851,151,451,752,202,753,203,75
quantity in a package (m2):15,7510,57,565,253,7532,252,25
quantity in a pallet (m2):189126907263453631,527
unique tag code:XPS EN 13164-T1-CS(10/Y)300-WL(T)0,7-WD(V)3-DS(70,-)-DLT(2)5-fTCD1