Terratermal Star is an underfloor heating panel designed for spaces with minimum size and height standards, and larger compressive loads. Laying is easier due to a unique edge design. Plug design supports tubes with a diameter of 14 – 16 mm with 50mm spacing. It is installed under cement screed, supporting a load up to 3,000 kg/m2.

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Terratermal Star
Insulating base thickness [mm]1929
Knob height [mm]2121
Total panel thickness [mm]4050
Average effective calculated thickness EN 1264-3 DD [mm]2535
Panels in a single packaging [pcs]1812
Total surface area of the panels in a single packaging [m²]12,608,40
Type of packagingNylonNylon
Volume [m3]0,4150,403
Knob spacing [mm]5050
Pipe diameter [mm]14-1614-16
Panel size (used) [mm]1000 x 7001000 x 700
Panel size (total) [mm]1000 x 7001000 x 700
Panel area [m²]0,700,70
Physical Characteristics
PropertiesStandardTypeTerratermal StarStandard codes
Thermal resistance on average effective thickness Rλ, ins [m2K/W]EN 1264-3:091500,450,45
Thermal Conductivity λD [W/mK]EN 13163:13 (EN 12667)1500,0340,034
Reaction to fireEN ISO 11925-2:10+ EC1:11150EURORAZRED E EN 13501:11E
Compressive strength at 10% deformation σ10 [KPa]EN 826:13150150CS(10)150
Long-term water absorption Wlt [%]EN 12087:131500,5WL(T)0,5
Dimensional thickness tolerance dN [mm]EN 823:13150± 2T(2)
FlatnessEN 825150± 10P(10)
Resistance to the diffusion of water vapor (EPS panel) μ [num]EN 12086:1315030-70Z30-70
Resistance to the diffusion of water vapor (HIPS foil) (150 μm) μ [num]EN 12086:13HIPS10.000===
EPS-EN 13163-L(3)-W(3)-T(2)-S(5)-P(10)-CS(10)150-DS(N)5-WL(1)