Terratermal Comfort is an underfloor heating panel made of hard styrofoam, vacuum coated with protective foil. Terratermal Comfort is designed for spaces with minimum size and height standards, and larger compressive loads. Panel supports pipes with a diameter of 16 – 20mm with a minimum spacing of 7.5 cm. Unique edge design allows boards to be firmly joined without much effort. It is installed under cement screed, supporting a load up to 3,000 kg/m2.

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Terratermal Comfort
Insulating base thickness [mm]33
Knob height [mm]25
Total panel thickness [mm]58
Average effective calculated thickness EN 1264-3 DD [mm]55
Panels in a single packaging [pcs]10
Total surface area of the panels in a single packaging [m²]7,2
Type of packagingNylon
Volume [m3]0,4176
Knob spacing [mm]75
Pipe diameter [mm]16-20
Panel size (used) [mm]1200 x 600
Panel size (total) [mm]1200 x 600
Panel area [m²]0,72
Physical Characteristics
PropertiesStandardTypeTerratermal ComfortStandard codes
Thermal resistance on average effective thickness Rλ, ins [m2K/W]EN 1264-3:091500,40
Thermal Conductivity λD [W/mK]EN 13163:13 (EN 12667)1500,034
Reaction to fireEN ISO 11925-2:10+ EC1:11150EURORAZRED E EN 13501:11E
Compressive strength at 10% deformation σ10 [KPa]EN 826:13150150CS(10)150
Long-term water absorption Wlt [%]EN 12087:131500,5WL(T)0,5
Dimensional thickness tolerance dN [mm]EN 823:13150± 2T(2)
FlatnessEN 825150± 10P(10)
Resistance to the diffusion of water vapor (EPS panel) μ [num]EN 12086:1315030-70Z30-70
Resistance to the diffusion of water vapor (HIPS foil) (150 μm) μ [num]EN 12086:13HIPS10.000===
EPS-EN 13163-L(3)-W(3)-T(2)-S(5)-P(10)-CS(10)150-DS(N)5-WL(1)