TERRASIT EPS F ECONOMIC are panels providing quality insulating properties. Panels are installed using special adhesives and mechanical fixing. When installing, instructions and project planning must be followed to avoid unnecessary damage, and achieve maximum insulating power. The product is under ETICS (External thermal insulation composite system) ETAG 004.

The product is in accordance with BAS EN 13163. Class E, reaction to fire, in accordance with BAS EN 13501-1  (self-extinguishing).

EPS-EN  13163-L(2)-W(2)-T(1)-S(2)-P(5)-BS100-DS(N)2-DS(70,-)1-TR100

DOWNLOAD Terrasit EPS F Economic (technical specifications)

Properties of Terrasit EPS F Economic EPS ENTest method ENValue/ClassStandardized technical specification
Dimensions8221000x500xd mmBAS EN ISO 13163 +A2:2018EN 13163:2015HRN EN 13163:2015
LengthL822± 2 mm
WidthW822± 2 mm
ThicknessT823± 2 mm
SquarenessS824± 2 mm
FlatnessP825± 5 mm
Thermal conductivity  (λ D)126670,039 W/mK
Fuel Classification13501-1Class E
Tensile strengthTR1607100 kPa
Bend strengthBS12089100 kPa
Long-lasting water absorption during immersionWL120872,5 %
Stability of changes under lab conditionsDS(N)1603± 0,2 %
Stability of changes under certain conditionsDS(70-1)1604≤ 1 %
Vapor diffusion resistance, μ1208620-70
EPS-EN 13163-L2-W2-T2-S2-P5-BS100-DS(N)2-DS(70,-1)1-TR100-WL(T)2,5
Thermal resistance by thickness in mm – RD[m2K/W]