TERRASIT EPS 70 panels are used for thermal insulation suitable for places requiring smaller thickness and loads, such as attics. Panels are installed using mechanical fastening or free installation. When installing, instructions must be followed to avoid unnecessary damage, and achieve maximum insulating power.

The product is in accordance with BAS EN 13163. Class E, reaction to fire, in accordance with BAS EN 13501-1  (Self-extinguishing).

EPS-EN 13163-L (3) -N (3) -T (2) -S (5) -P (5) -BS115-CS (10) 70 DS (N) 5

plate thickness:1cm – 30cm
panel size:100 x 50cm
unit of measure:m2
packets in PE foil:cca 0.30m2
thermal conductivity λD:0,039 W/m.K
compressive strenght:≥70 kPa (10% def.)
allowed even load:1400 kg/m2
Certificates: ITT Report, Institute GIT Tuzla