TERRACOKL are water-repellent panels expanded in a mold. TERRACOKL is used for the insulation of the bottom of the facade above the ground level. The product is under ETICS (External thermal insulation composite system) ETAG 004. Grid on both sides of the panel increases the performance, and is installed using adhesive mortars. Panels are installed using special adhesives and mechanical fixing. When installing, instructions and project planning must be followed to avoid unnecessary damage, and achieve maximum insulating power.

The product is in accordance with BAS EN 13163. Class E, reaction to fire, in accordance with BAS EN 13501-1  (self-extinguishing).

BAS-EN 13163-L(2)-W(2)-T(2)-S(2)-P(5)-BS150-CS(10)100-DS(N)2-DS(70,-)3-TR150-WL(T)2

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