STIROTRAK is used for sound insulation as a separating layer between the floor or in floating floor systems. Stirotrak is installed using PU glue or free installation. When installing, instructions must be followed to avoid unnecessary damage, and achieve maximum insulating power. STIROTRAK is available in widths from 50cm to 100cm.

The product is in accordance with BAS EN 13163. Class E, reaction to fire, in accordance with BAS EN 13501-1 or B1 according to DIN 4102.

EPS-EN  13163-W(3)-T(2)-DS(N)5-SD(1)

plate thickness:5-15 mm
panel size:6cm – 100cm
unit of measure:m
reels in PE foil wrapped in paper
pallet: cca 0.25m2
dynamic stiffness:30 to 40 MN/m3
thermal conductivity λD:0.039 W/m.K