Terratermal Alpha is an underfloor heating panel. It is available in a wide range of pressure compressive strengths and thicknesses, thermal values, and resistances to meet the needs of most projects. The combination of Styrofoam Insulation (EPS) with highly resistant polystyrene (HIPS) film makes it a strong and flexible panel. The panel is composed of solid insulation, a vapor barrier, and a unique PEX pipe lock mechanism that significantly reduces installation time.
Terratermal panels are installed in residential and commercial buildings. They are placed on a concrete slab under the glaze.
Advantages of our Terratermal Alpha boards:
• The panel relief arrangement allows an even distribution of PEX pipes in which no air will be retained
• Unique plug design allows the proper pipe arrangement for the best use of energy
• Lightweight and flat panels reduce waste and damage on site
• Quick and ease use of PEX tubing without the need for self-locking and fastening
• Quick setup and fitting allows for a unique and safe installation without condensing in unwanted areas





Insulation marking: EPS-EN 13163-L(3)-W(3)-T(2)-S(5)-P(10)-BS250-CS(10)150-DS(N)5
thermal conductivity λD: 0,034 W/m.k
thermal resistance RD: 0,44-1,72 m2K/W
insulation thickness: 10/20/30/40/50+22 mm
Compressive strength (10%) 150 kPa-3000 kg/m2
dimensions: 1450 x 800 mm
foil/color: PS 0,60 mm/black
1 plate: 1,12 m2