EPS packaging

EPS packaging for product packaging, and other products intended for metal, wood, auto industry.

EPS packaging is extremely widespread and very practical in the packaging of various products: appliances, electrical products, metal products, agricultural products, building products, furniture industry, glass industry and products from many other industries where it is necessary to provide impact protection, while at the same time it does not increase the weight of packaging, and meets all environmental standards.



Advantages of EPS packaging are:

  • environmentally friendly
  • recyclable
  • does not increase the weight of the packaged items
  • provides protection against mechanical shocks
  • simply added to products
  • increases manipulative functionality of packaged products


Together with our customers we develop a way of packaging, examining shape and appearance, and dimensions of the packages to increase customer’s efficiency and productivity. Also experimentally we both crash test and manipulate the packaged product. We strive to provide the best solutions.


Application of EPS containers may be in the following industries:

  • food
  • agricultural
  • auto
  • metal
  • manufacturing
  • wood industry, etc …


In addition to packaging EPS products often act as functional parts or as an addition to the functional part, such as in the auto industry, the production of panels, as well as containers and seedlings in fishing and agriculture.