EPS (expanded polystyrene) and EPP (expanded polypropylene) packaging

EPS and EPP for product packaging, and other products for metal, wood, and automobile industry.
EPS and EPP packaging is extremely widespread and very practical in the packaging of various products: appliances, electrical products, metal products, agricultural products, building products, furniture industry, glass industry and products that require impact protection, while at the same time does not increase the weight of packaging, and meets all environmental standards.

Advantages of EPS and EPP packaging:
• environmentally friendly
• recyclable
• does not increase the weight of the packaged item
• provides impact protection
• simply designed to fit the product
• easy to manipulate
We develop the packaging by examining the shape and size of the product. Dimensions of the packaging itself are designed to increase the manipulative performance. We perform multiple crash tests of a packaged product. We strive to provide the best solutions to our customers.

EPS and EPP packaging can be used in various industries:
• food
• agriculture
• car
• metal
• processing