EPS REGENERATE is used for the preparation of lightweight insulating concrete. It helps building structures in places with low compressive strength loads. Lightweight screed with direct laying of ceramics, arched ceilings with wooden beams and attic, and for watering installations in floors. EPS GRANULATE has an extremely low weight of fi = 200 kg / m3, and is a good thermal insulator with L = 0.065 W / mK. It is prepared by mixing with concrete. The installation is done by the same method as with the standard concrete, or using high-pressure pumps.

granulation:5 mm – 15 mm
weight of concrete:200-350 kg/m3
thermal conductivity λ:0,065 to 0,103 W/mK
continuous load:over 14.000 kg/m3
vapor permeability µ:over 10
unit of measure:kg
packaging:bags of 2 or 5 kg