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Floor heating is the most widespread underfloor heating system today. The advantages compared to other heating systems are numerous. In floor heating the air temperatures at different heights of interiors are closest to their ideal values, which makes staying in rooms more comfortable: Unlike radiator heating, underfloor heating emits heat from the lowest point in a room that is spreading to the height of the room, while radiator heating emits heated air in the height of a room. Due to the lower thermal air movement in the premises with floor heating, there is less dust rising and less drying of air. Also, underfloor heating offers the most economical solution as it requires water temperature of up to 30 ° C, while radiator heating requires 60 ° C. It is particularly applicable, for energy sources such as heat pumps and solar systems.


In our product range we offer three types of panels for installing floor heating, as well as three concepts: HARD, SILENT, and ADAPT, which differ in their physical characteristics for conditions for which they are intended. TERRATERMAL boards offer the best strength with very stable plugs that allow quick and easy installation of pipes for floor heating systems, and allow for the optimal distance between them. Our boards have a protective film against moisture; they are elastic and have simple edges for a firm connection. TERRASTERMAL boards for underfloor heating are intended for the construction underneath the flooring and have features to retain and direct the heat from the underfloor heating pipes.

TERRATERMAL system board allows:

  • lower energy consumption for heating
  • optimum room temperatures
  • quick and easy installation
  • it it long-lasting
  • it is supportable
  • it absorbs impact sound

TERRATERMAL plates for floor heating are intended solely for installation in underfloor heating. They are installed on the floor under a cement screed. Care must be taken that final decorative layer which is used in the premises must be tailored to the system with underfloor heating and must be declared to be applicable to such a system of floor heating.

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